Manually Adding Transactions

I used to be able to manually add small cash transactions to my spreadsheet, but now it says I have to add a required sheet to be able to do it. I have not been able to do it since July 2021. Has something changed? Is anyone else having a problem with this?

@macata75 You will need to make sure the Accounts sheet is installed in your sheet. Once the Accounts sheet is installed you should be able to use the manual transactions tool.

Thank you for your response. I looked on the community but didn’t find anything. How come I have to add that sheet when I was able to do it without it up until July? Did you make changes?

I believe the Manual Transactions tool has always been dependent on the Accounts sheet. It is often hidden…perhaps some kind of way you deleted it.

Can you try adding the Insights tab to your sheet. By adding the Insights tab, the Accounts sheet will be automatically added. If you already have the Insights tab in your sheet. can you delete that tab, and then add it back with the Community add-in. Then check to see if the Accounts sheet was added as well. If so, go ahead and try to use the manual transactions tool… I hoping it will work.