Manually update connected account

I had a couple feeds that were not working yesterday (last day of the month) and so the balance history on those is not correct. Since yesterday was the last day of the month and the quarter, I would like to manually add the account values so they are correct. I know how to add balances on manual accounts, but not on accounts that are updated through feeds. Any advice?

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Though you could manually insert a row and type in all the information for the transaction, I think once the feed starts pulling again, you’re going to end up with duplicate transactions. When the feed checks if the transaction has already been downloaded, I’m pretty sure it checks for the Transaction ID, which you won’t have filled in (no way to know ahead of time what it will be).


You could certainly copy a full row for the account in Balance History, paste it into a new/inserted row, and then change the date & balance, @brewer.05. There is no real harm in doing this. As @jpfieber, it may soon be superseded by new feeds data.

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@jpfieber In case you’re curious, the feeds API is a cursor-based synchronization-style API. So it doesn’t technically check Balance IDs, but effectively you’re right that adding manual rows shouldn’t cause any problems other than the fact that you might get “real” versions that look a bit like duplicates of the manual ones.

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The Account ID is still relevant and important when creating a manual balance entry— i.e. create a new (manual) balance by duplicating a row from the same account.

Your sheet may have a Balance ID column. That value is a unique identifier for the balance record in our back end. A duplicated Balance ID (i.e. from a copied row) is technically a bad idea but the truth is that the column is not used by the add-ons or any templates at this time. It would probably be best/safest to leave that column blank for a manual balance entry.