Menu inconsistency frustration

A little constructive criticism for the Tiller crew. I have been using Tiller in Google Sheets for about 4 months and something that has always annoyed me is the extensions drop down menus mess. Here are the three actions I use weekly:

Extensions -> Money Feeds -> Fill Sheets
Extensions -> Money Feeds -> Tools -> Add Manual Transaction
Extensions -> Community Solutions -> Reconcile Transactions

There doesn’t seem to be any consistency here. Is there any way for me to reorganize these entries? Or, can the Tiller team take a critical look at the taxonomy and make things more intuitive? Last rhetorical question, why is “Add Manual Transaction” and “Reconcile Transactions” in different menus??

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We hear you, @jwrobbins. We are mid migration on the manual transactions workflows. The “Add Manual Transaction” workflow was ported from the Tiller Community Solutions add-on months ago and we are still working on a port of the “Reconcile Transactions workflow”. Those two workflows will both be in the Money Feeds add-on later this year.

I’m not sure I understand the issue with “Fill Sheets” and the broader consistency issue. Can you clarify?


I was just illustrating the three actions I use routinely. “Fill Sheets” is probably the most intuitive placement (in my opinion!) when compared to the others. I am glad to hear that Tiller is taking a closer look at the menus and I look forward to the update.

Thanks for your reply @randy

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Sure thing. There is definitely some legacy in the current implementation and we will implement many improvements to clean things up later this year.

I would add that the placement of Split Transactions always confuses me. One location is no longer supported, and there’s an error message that points to the new placement. I don’t understand why the old placement continues to exist.


Thanks for your feedback @alan1 - we’ll work on removing the old split option from the Tiller Community Solutions add-on since it’s not longer available there. The reference to split moving to Tiller Money Feeds was intended to point people to the right place right after we moved it, but it’s been in the new spot long enough.