Merchants Rename

Hi All,

Problems others posted on before, merchants lookup and rename.

I added a clean merchant name field in the transactions sheet, works great!!
Adding merchant name manually when I classify transactions weekly works well!!
Creating a simple vlookup works as well to automate with formula!!
Problem is many merchants now called by store number or amzn .com vs. mkt vs…

Writing a long formula works but there has to be a simpler way.

longer formula:
iferror(vlookup(C2,MerchantsLookup!$B$3:$C,2,0),if(REGEXMATCH(C2,“Dd Doordash*”),“Doordash”,if(REGEXMATCH(C2,“Amzn*”),“Amazon”,if(REGEXMATCH(C2,“Amazon*”),“Amazon”,…

Is there a way to create a reverse vlookup. meaning that there is a table that hold the regex expression
DD Doordahs*
Where the second column has the clean name
lets call this table merchantlookup

Then I need to do reverse match where the description in transactions sheet is used as the full text field and I match each entry in the merchant lookup table against the description and where there is a match the value from column B is placed in transaction tab in the clean merchant column.

There has to be a simple formula that I am missing.


Just so you know, if you add the following column to your Transactions sheet, you’ll get the merchant name from Yodlee. “Merchant Name” It’s not 100% accurate but it’s better than nothing. While you’re at it, you can also add “Category Hint” which will give what Yodlee thinks the category is.