Merge accounts on transactions sheet

I close a few accounts at my bank to simplify. How do I merge old accounts from my transactions sheet into my continuing account? I don’t want any of the other data to change, just the account name? Is it a copy paste over the old name or is there a workflow or tool built in for this.

Hi @patrick.ryan.rudy!

I’m not sure that I would recommend “merging” transactions from one account into another, but that’s coming from my data analyst perspective. :sweat_smile:

You are correct that you would only need to overwrite the Account Name on the Transactions sheet. Newer versions of the Transactions sheet automatically set the Account #, Institution, and Account ID via formulas referencing the Account column. Otherwise, you’ll need to copy those columns over as well.

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Thank you. My goal with this is so that I can filter the transactions sheets by account name to see a history of transactions for a particular account as merged. The account number will still be different prior to the merge.

Anything I am missing with this? Will it impact any other part of tiller that you can think of? Is there a better way to accomplish this?

Thank you for your help!

I can’t think of any other impact this would have. As I mentioned, the Account #, Institution, and Account ID columns might be populated by formulas so they would automatically change. I’d suggest adding the historical info in the Notes column to be safe e.g. “Merged from Old Account Name - Old Account # - Old Institution - Old Account ID”.

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