Migrating from Microsoft Money to Tiller

Microsoft Money Sunset Edition still works fine on my Windows computer. I’ve been using Microsoft Money for many years and it’s like a comfortable old shoe. However, I’ve gotten worried lately. I’ve invested many thousand of hours of my life tracking my personal finances in Microsoft Money, I have transaction data in Microsoft Money all the way back to 1992. It all sits in a proprietary data format accessible only with software that was abandoned by Microsoft years ago. A few months ago I discovered Tiller and started trying to figure out how to migrate my data from Microsoft Money to Tiller.

I’ve been using Tiller for a month now, and the more I use it, the better I like it! Such a big improvement from Microsoft Money, and now my financial life is in a “future proof” data format.

The conversion process was non-trivial, I spent over 8 hours on it. I had dozens of old credit card accounts, 9 checking accounts, and many investment accounts in Microsoft Money. Each were exported and converted, one by one. As an aid to myself during this process, I wrote a cheat-sheet in this Google Sheets spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/326qft3

The trickiest part of the conversion was preserving split transactions, but with the help of the people at propersoft.net and their product QIF2CSV, I was able to preserve all my categories, splits and memos for each and every transaction.

I hope my cheat-sheet is helpful to other Microsoft Money refugees out there thinking about making the switch to Tiller. Art King

:wave:, @artandrondaking! Thanks so much for sharing this feedback and that cheat sheet! I hope that will help some others coming from Microsoft Money too! It definitely can be a bit of an upfront time investment if porting over your historical data is important to you.