Migrating from Money Manager Ex

I’ve been a Money Manager Ex user for years now and due to instability in that program have been looking for a replacement. I’m pretty sure I’ve found it here in Tiller. Has anyone else come from Money Manger Ex? If so any tips on converting over? Especially around migrating recurring transactions that are split across multiple categories (think paycheck, reimbursements, etc).

One last question, anyone know how well Tiller handles multi-currency? Currently, I live in the UK, but have accounts in the US still. Once or twice a month do a transfer from US account to UK account through TransferWise. Hoping to manage that process easier as well as be able to report in the proper currency depending on the account.

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We don’t yet have a great workflow for multi-currency in the Foundation template or any of the Labs templates, but there is bound to be someone else doing cool stuff with multiple currencies in their sheets. Possibly others migrating from Money Manger Ex.

One workflow I’ve had some customers share is using a separate column in the Transactions sheet to calculate the conversion using the built in =googlefinance function. Don’t know much more than that, but maybe something worth researching.

Hoping someone will share some insights here too.

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:wave: @heather I’m considering switching over to Tiller (looks amazing) but live aboard and have a Transferwise account along with a few local (international) accounts. Transferwise is my business account and primary in USD, the other accounts I can manually upload and convert to USD. Question I have is, does Tiller connect to TransferWise, Revolut and Wealthfront?


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It looks like we do support Transferwise. I don’t think we support revoult, but if you share the URL you use to log in directly I can double check. We do support Wealthfront, but not if you have 2FA turned on.


Hi @heather Got Wealthfront working but am having with Transferwise. After confirming the login with my phone (2FA), the connection doesn’t work. Any ideas? 2FA is required.


I’d recommend writing in to support@tillerhq.com about this issue directly so we can better assist.