Migrating older transactions from feed bot to google sheets from inactive accounts

Im trying to migrate my historical transactions that are housed in my original feed-bot document to the new google sheet template and Im only able to migrate over my two active accounts and not the data going back to 2018. I have two accounts data Im trying to migrate over. One is the same account but a different credit card number that is now closed and the other is my checking account - which is the same account but under a different name the bank had at the time. I’ve tried the migrate add-on and migrate and repair, but since they arent active they dont show up to merge even.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Can you clarify how you are performing the migration, @heatjohns? Are you moving the historical information manually through cut-paste? Or are you just linking the accounts to a new spreadsheet and running a Tiller Feeds fill on the historical data?