Migration Helper Crashed in Balance History

The migrator got stuck at Balance History…and I eventually cancelled it after 30 minutes. It hadn’t done anything in the Balance History tab.
I was going to follow the manual instructions for this tab…but I don’t understand the instructions:

7. Sort the Balance History sheet by the Index column (it might be a hidden column).
8. Copy all entries that have an index number of 9999

My index column entries in the Balance History are between 0-9…none are 9999. Also there is no “first blank cell” in the Balance History tab. There are columns only. If I choose to add a new row it makes in the format of the column header.

Guess I’m missing something.

@stuart. The steps you are referencing are for moving Manual accounts. Were you moving working on moving balance data for institutions that were connected to Tiller, or institutions that you tracked manually.

I was trying to migrate from my current ‘Tiller Feed Bot’ spreadsheet to ‘Tiller Money Feeds’. I was attempting to use the migrator, but since it didn’t finish I was trying to follow the manual process. I think I misunderstood what a “manual account” is.
I’ll try to understand this process better.

I’m glad to hear you’re migrating to Tiller Money Feeds, @stuart. There are some great features we are able to offer once you have upgraded.

The Migration Helper in Tiller Money Labs is your best bet.

If the process hangs like that, it is almost definitely choking on something in your sheet. The process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Let me check the crash logs and see if I can get a handle on what didn’t work for you.

I just checked the logs, @stuart. I only see one crash in the migrator last week (about 2 days ago). It appears that a column check choked when it ran into a column header was a number.

Any chance your Transaction, Balance History or Categories sheets have a column header that is a number?

Thanks for investigating. I don’t have numbers as column headers…but I do have a couple of columns in my Transaction tab that are formulas in the header: Group Type
I may have added these to fill a need in how I display expenses vs income in some charts.

Group = arrayformula(if(row(B1:B)=1,“Group”,iferror(vlookup(D1:D,{Categories!$A$2:$A,Categories!$B$2:$B},2,FALSE))))

Type = arrayformula(if(row(D1:D)=1,“Type”,iferror(vlookup(D1:D,{indirect(“Categories!$”&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(“Category”,Categories!$1:$1,0),4),1,"")&"2:"&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(“Category”,Categories!$1:1,0),4),1,"")),indirect("Categories!"&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(“Type”,Categories!$1:$1,0),4),1,"")&"2:"&SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,MATCH(“Type”,Categories!$1:$1,0),4),1,""))},2,FALSE),"")))

Hi @stuart,

If you don’t have any manual accounts you were tracking in your Feed Bot sheet (in that Google Sheet look at the Accounts sheet and if there are no Accounts listed on the right side you weren’t tracking manual accounts - ones that Tiller Money can’t automate) then you can just uncheck the Balance History option in the migrator and try running it in a new version of the Foundation Template - I’m not sure what the affect of running it in the one where you already ran it would be - or if everything else from your Feed Bot sheet seems to be in the Foundation template then you may be good to go and don’t need to do anything.

As for the arrayformulas that were in the Feed Bot sheet those wouldn’t have been brought over by the migrator - but the static data probably was - so you may need to clear those columns and then re-add the arrayformulas.


Thanks Heather.
Although…not sure what went wrong this time. It only transferred over the transactions that have blank “Transaction IDs” …basically the [Amazon Order] and [Amazon Item] entries from the importer tool.
I tried again…same result. Other than unchecking Balance History I left the rest as default.

I think I rushed it the second time and didn’t follow the directions (ie link the accounts first). With Balance History unchecked it seems to have completed successfully…thanks !