Migration questions-statements and split trans

Went from feedbot to the Foundation template. Stuck on…

  1. My split transactions did not migrate over, is there a way to fix this?
  2. Can I migrate over my previous statement reconciliations? I’d like to have all the records together when April comes around!
  3. I am unable to split transactions now, what do I need to do?
    These are the two questions…for now: ) Thank you!

Do you have the Tiller Money Labs Add-on installed?

If not, get that. Once you do there’s a “Migration Helper” tool that should bring over your splits and a new transaction splitter as well. I don’t think that older one is supported anymore.

I don’t know about the reconciliations!


for the Statements reconciliations you’ll want to install the “Statements” solution from the Labs add-on that @aronos mentioned.

Then you can copy/paste over the Statement information from the original into the new one. If you used the Migration Helper that may have brought over the Statement assignments in the Transactions sheet for you (I’m curious to know if it did or not).

You’re likely coming from our “Business” template if you have Statements in the Feed Bot sheet - here’s the guide on “upgrading”

Thanks Heather. I got “statements” to work. whew. Thank you

Thanks for the update, @brookehilyard. Can you share any feedback on how we might improve the migration content? Did you get stuck anywhere or the directions were just a lot to absorb?


I think I am good for now. I will work on getting the splits from the feedbot sheet over to the fancy Foundation sheet. I’d like everything in one place for later/reference/tax prep. The statement reconciliation is working as I am used to so all is good.

Thank you Heather!!! A lot!

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