Missing Lines on Monthly Budget

How do I recover missing lines on the monthly budget? They were there before I entered a few new categories. My category list is approaching 300 lines. I anticipate the need to have at least 50 or so new categories to add given the way I’d like to track finances. Can you help?

Hi @KF1

The template is only built to support 200 custom categories right now. So those additional categories won’t be picked up since they are basically out of range for the formulas the template uses. You can try to condense some categories or create an additional spreadsheet to help divvy up your data.


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This is true by default, but it can be expanded to support more categories.

  1. Unhide columns in the Monthly Budget sheet

  2. There are formulas in columns L, M, and N. By default they are only filled through row 209. Next, add new rows to the sheet. I recommend only adding as many as you need plus a little padding, as excess rows can reduce performance.

  3. After the new rows have been added, select cells L209:N209 and expand the formulas by dragging the selection handle down to the last new row added.

  4. You should now see the previously missing categories on your monthly budget. If everything looks good, you can re-hide from column J to the end to keep a clean look.

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Hi, cculber2,

That is a fantastic tip!

I followed your step-by-step instructions and I now seek the missing categories on the monthly budget!


Thank you for taking the time to help!


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Once upon a time, it was me asking the very same question. I’m glad to see it resolved your issue!