Missing Monthly Budgets

Though my monthly budget data seems to be complete for the past four months in the Budget History tab, the only month appearing in the Monthly Budget tab is for 4/1/2020. Where did the rest of them go?

For the Tiller Budget, You’ll need to add any missing periods manually to the Budgets History sheet. The Analyze Budgets History option will only bring in the current month.

If you’re away from your budget for a while and the script that normally creates new periods automatically fails you’ll have to manually add those periods. Running Analyze Budgets History re-initiates the script so come June it should be automatically created for you.

The steps for how to do that are under How to add a past period:

The weird part is that the monthly periods from 2/1 thru 5/1 are already in the budget history. Period 4/1 is the only one showing.

Hi @davidtrupe, did you get this figured out or do you still need help?

Hi Heather! Yes, got it figured out. All is going well. Thanks for checking in.