Missing transaction data in Excel tracker

Hello. I update my spreadsheet weekly, usually without problem. Today after updating I’m missing transactions from last week. There are no transactions between 5/6 to 5/15, though I know there should be. I refreshed the connections to my accounts and that hasn’t helped. One of my banks is not updating (Bank of America) , but two others, each with multiple account connections, are MIA.

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Here is a good article on troubleshooting missing transactions. It details a few common issues and how to resolve them. Perhaps this might address your issue.

Thanks Warren, I’ll check it out.

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I’ve read and tested the suggested, but the problem persists. I have refreshed all 3 banks and their sub-accounts today.

  • Looking at the Google Foundation Template version of my spreadsheet, the transactions are up to date through 5/22 for all 3 banks and sub-accounts.
  • Looking at Excel, transactions are missing for 5/6 - 5/23 for all banks and sub-accounts. One bank registers transactions on 5/24.

Unfortunately, I can’t use the Google version (it’s on hand as a backup). Something is wrong with the Excel version. I’ve written to support for help.

You are going to have to manually upload.

Mking, thanks for your reply. I don’t know what it means.