Mobile App for Savings Budget Template

This is very valuable for anyone trying to make this app work. This should be a permanent fix in the next iteration. LOOK HERE AND ABOVE. @richardpeng

Hi @richardpeng ! I find your app really valuable and convenient. I’ve been using it for a couple months without a hitch but suddenly, today I’ve been getting the error:

“Unable to fetch app definition. Error: There is a mismatch in the number of columns between the spreadsheet for Transactions and the table schema. The table has 19 columns but the schema has 18 columns. Please regenerate the table column structure. Error: Data table ‘TillerFoundationBudget-6522895-22-11-14:1.000006:Transactions’ is not available Error: The data for this view cannot be found. Please select a new data table in the view settings.”

I tried recreating the app again to see if it will solve the problem but I kept getting the same error. I noticed that the date in the “Grant access” cell of the Tiller AppSheet Lookup Sheet shows the date two days ago (11/10/2022). I’m not sure if that’s what causing the problem. I hope you can help me! Thank you!

I think I have fixed it. I just need to delete an extra blank column. Thanks!

I think the error is also saying the column structure on the Transaction Sheet has changed. Probably the extra column. You can also fix this by going to the correct Data Table - Click Columns - and Click the Regenerate Structure.

This was released by a community member over two years ago, so it’s possible the author isn’t frequenting this forum any more.

Thank you for responding. I deleted my long posts elaborating errors that I thought were caused by the app or instructions, but were embarrassingly my own end user error. It “just works” again for me now.

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