Money Feed not updating balances; stuck in loop

My balances have not updated in about 4 days. I tried logging into the home console and logging out/into the money feed. Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?52 PM

I’ve had this problem in the past. It was due to multiple google accounts. I was logged into one account in the browser (chrome) and a different account in google drive. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!

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@chad, is probably right.

Try opening your sheet and the Tiller Money Feeds add-on in an incognito browser session. If that fixes it, then create a dedicated browser profile (we recommend Chrome) just for your Tiller gmail account and don’t use it to sign in to other gmail accounts.


I think it’s my spreadsheet. I tested another spreadsheet that updated balances with no issues. Also, transactions load no problem, just no balance updates.

Thanks for the update. I’m not sure what would cause that issue in a specific sheet so please share if you ever figure it out. I’ve seen this behavior when folks are signed in to the browser with a different gmail than the one they use for their Tiller subscription.