Monthly Budget Dashboard Issues (Envelope System)

I’m setting up my envelope budgeting fresh for 2021 and following the tutorial as I go. I have a few issues:

  1. When I run the Budge Analyzer, it shifts columns F and H down one row for the Expenses only. Any idea what I screwed up to get that to happen?

  2. The amount for “Income budget available to allocate to expenses” is off and I don’t know why. I’m wondering if I accidentally “wrote over” a formula in the black bar totals.

(I have some accumulated “rollover” savings (using multiple Capital One 365 savings accounts) so I did add in rollover amounts to the spreadsheet but I don’t think that’s what’s doing it.)

  1. Why can’t I delete the Obsoleted rows in the income category? The cells freak out when I do, with all sorts of #REF’s and expenses getting removed.

:wave:, @lindabeth29!

Sorry for the delayed reply here.

If you still need help, I’d actually recommend checking out the Savings Budget that you can use with the Foundation Template and is a much simpler option than this Envelope Budget.

You would need to start in a fresh sheet and transition your data over if you chose to go this route and can use the Migration Helper in the Labs add-on to help with that.

Yes, @lindabeth29, take the new Savings Budget for a spin. It’s simpler, more performant, and plays better with other templates.

I ended up figure it out–I had inadvertently deleted the in-cell formulas so I reset the sheet and it worked fine.

If the savings budget is as you describe, for what circumstances would you use the envelope budgeting sheet instead? I finally got that all set up so if I’m going to shift, I want to make sure it’s the right decision for my situation. Since both systems, exist, I’m sure they are each suited for different situations.