Monthly budget sheet with mobile friendly view

Anyone have an already created sheet or tips on how to make one that would be a very mobile friendly view of monthly budget? Looking for something that doesn’t have require a lot of scrolling. Would be happy if it just showed the category and amount remaining the budget for each category for the month. Would like to be able to see it quickly and easily on phone.

Less important than above but also interested in the most recommended method for categorizing transactions while using a mobile device. I tried creating an app with glide as I saw someone mention in here but couldn’t get it to work well and it is very limited now with the number of rows allowed

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Hi @joshmccormackpt,
I see you have tried using Glide to categorize your transactions and it didn’t work for you. There are some issues with that approach, but that’s probably the most mobile-friendly solution for now.

However, Glide might be very good for the mobile-friendly monthly budget view. Or even if you don’t use Glide, here’s an idea to consider with or without Glide:

Create a new, simple 2 column sheet for your Monthly budget with the Categories and the Remaining Budget amounts per category.

I’m not sure which version of the Monthly Budget sheet you are using, but if you use the one in the Foundations Template, then ={B17:B} will get you a column of the categories and ={H17:H} will get you a column of the Remaining amounts.

To refer to these columns on a new sheet, use:
={'Monthly Budget'!B17:B} and ={'Monthly Budget'!H17:H}

Let us know if that works.


Ive had success getting Tiller to work on mobile with appSheet. It requires some work to setup but you don’t need to code. I’m able to do almost everything except run autoCat from the app. Once tiller fixes the auto-run feature for autoCat this should not be needed though. With appsheet you can make a dash board with charts, have a tab for new transactions that need to be categorized, see your account balances and balance histories, and have a tab for monthly budgets etc. Its really up to you how you want to use it.

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Thanks for sharing this @benito334! Curious if you have shared your solution over in Share Your Solution. The Builder’s Challenge is over, but we’re always looking for folks to share their awesome workflows with others. How did you set this up? How did you feel about the Google Drive permissions that appSheet requires?

I’ll post something on the other board but I think I’m only able to upload one picture per post.

About half of the features in the app pull direct from the standard Tiller Templates. For the graphs and budget table I needed to create an intermediate sheet (fed from a tiller template) to populate the app. There is somewhat of a learning curve to appSheet but once you figure out the work flow, you can get it going. I’m not sure on the permissions. I really needed a way to use Tiller on mobile and without coding experience this was about my only choice.