Monthly view on assets and liabilities and balance based on category group


I am trying to create a view where I can see the following for the last 12 months
grouped by category groups (not categories).

Is there a simple way to do it?

So far, I have created a pivot table using Data-> Pivot Table and have added Accounts for rows and Months for columns and summed the values for the amount. But this is just me trialing and it’s no way near to what I want.

Any idea how to do it?


Take a look at a Tiller solution called, “Net Worth.” You will find it in Tiller Labs>Add a Solution>Net Worth. This provides totals for your groups over time.


I would look at Monthly Analysis (for income and expenses) and Net Worth, or maybe Net Worth Snapshot, (for assets and liabilities). For income and expenses, you might consider Tiller Labs/Tools/Create Reports/Profit & Loss since you can run this report for one 12 month period (one column) as well as for 12 one month periods (12 columns).


Hi Brad,

Thanks for replying. The Net worth template is showing data only for four months , i.e. Jan - Apr 2020. I would like to see data from Jun 2019 to till date. Any idea why that could be happenning? I do have data loaded from June 2019.
The second issue is it doesn’t group by category group, which is what I’m after.
I tried to make my own sheet but it’s not straight forward :grimacing:

Hi Blake!
I don’t see a monthly analysis sheet. Where can I find it? The Networth Snapshot only shows for two dates but I would like to have monthly view from June 2019 onwards, grouped as per category group ( not by categories). Something similar to Monthly Budget sheet except not for one month at a time but instead a view of 12 months at a glance but no need to have the details that appear in the top part of the monthly budget sheet. :sweat_smile:


For monthly analysis, go to Tiller Labs/Add A Solution.

For net worth, you want the Net Worth tab which you have already found.

  1. The net worth tab is organized by the groups that you assign on the accounts tab, not the groups from the categories tab. Look at the balances tab as that is what shows up on the net worth tab.
  2. On the net worth tab, enter an April 2020 date as the end date on row 5, and select period unit to be month.
  3. If you are not receiving 12 months of data but only 4 months, like you mentioned above, it might be because you have 12 months of transaction data but only 4 months of balance history data. Look at your balance history tab to see if that is the case.

Please let me know how it goes.


Hi @Blake,

What do I add for Monthly analysis after I go to Tiller Labs/ Add a solution?

For networth tab, the grouping is not category grouping. Its Assets and liabilities only and sub divided into Accounts. I am referring to the category group in the category tab

@heather, Hi,
Do you know how to resolve this?



Click on Monthly Analysis, then Add To Spreadsheet after going to Tiller Labs/Add A Solution.

The Net Worth tab is sorted by whatever is shown in the Group column in the Accounts tab. If nothing is in this Group column, it probably sorts based on what is in the Account column which is your accounts.

The category group in the category tab only applies to income and expense, not assets and liabilities.

If you are still having trouble making this work, I might suggest a Zoom meeting wherein I can share my screen and walk you through it.

Please let me know.


Hi @meenal,

Do you need more help here? Monthly Analysis docs are here:

if that doesn’t help recommend doing a pivot table by group:

Thanks Heather, I will have a look at it in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who has responded.

I will let you know if I have any questions or if it worked for me.



Hi Blake, I’m not seeing how to assign groups in the Accounts tab. My headers show “ungrouped assets” and “ungrouped liabilities”

Accounts tab, column c says group, right?