More Detail on Charges?

On my capital one quicksilver card, there will be a charge from say, Exxonmobil and it will be identified as
Exxonmobil x0155

When i go to the capital one site, i can see that the charge is Appears on statement as: EXXONMOBIL 48150155 MAX MEADOWS VA 24360 US

Is there any way to pull that additional information into Tiller? It would really help me with workflow.

There is a full description field on the transactions sheet, you just need to scroll to the right to see it. Just throwing that out there in case it was overlooked.

yes, thanks but my Full Description field for the above transaction is the same as the Description field.

That’s a good question, @joek. Perhaps @tom or @brasten will know the answers since they write the code that connects the data Yodlee pulls with what lands in your spreadsheet…

We do have the three Description columns that we fill. The “Full Description” and “Short Description” are filled directly from Yodlee unaltered. The Description field goes through a description cleaner function that fixes abbreviation issues, removes repetitive asterisks and x’s, fixes upper/lower case issues and a few other minor formatting issues. In some cases the Full Description and Description are the same if the description cleaner doesn’t find anything to clean up.