More Than One Statement Detail Sheet to Mark Cleared Transactions

Is it possible to have 2 statement detail sheets? The reason is because I added a column to check off when transactions actually clear the bank. However because I do this manual, when I pull up a different account the check marks from the previous account are still there. If I change them for one account, it changes them from all. If there is a better way to do this, I’m all ears because honestly this way is not good!


One of the recurring frustrations of building spreadsheet templates, @twirl23, is that it isn’t possible to enter root/source data on a sheet that filters data. The problem, as you’ve experienced, is that, when the filter or source data is changed, the manually-entered fields no longer line up with the correct rows. The only real work around for this kind of workflow is for a script to write the manual-updates to the unfiltered source data before the rows move.

So, you are best off managing you checkboxes in the source data (i.e. the Transactions sheet) where your manually entered fields stay whole with the transaction data.

To answer your question more directly, you can right click the tab name and duplicate the Statement Details template and run multiple concurrently… but you will run into issues when the source data or filters are changed.