Moving Lauren Greutman account to a tiller sheet

I initially signed up with you via Lauren Greutman sheet and would now like to start 2020 with a Tiller sheet and not use the old format, if I do this how can I ensure all accounts will transfer over/is there something special I need to do?? Can anyone help me with this, happy to pay a consultant if available. Thank you!

You can add the Foundation Template from the Tiller Console. Once on the Console, you can click on “Create a spreadsheet” and select Google Template. As you continue going through the process, you will need to link each of the financial institutions to your new spreadsheet. If you were able to link your accounts to your previous sheet, you shouldn’t have issues linking them to your new template. I hope this helps.

If you run into any problems while setting up your new sheet, you can access the Tiller team using the chat icon in the Tiller Console.