Moving My Budget to Start in New Year


On my monthly budget folder, the budget shows zero. I went through all the topics on this and none of the solutions worked. My budget is for January 2022, I moved tab over in my categories and that did not work. Not sure why my budgeted categories is not tracking to my monthly budget.

:wave: @bermansherry4!

Sorry for the delay here. Do you still need help with this issue or did you get it figured out?


Heather, Yes I did figure this out. I was new to Tiller a year ago. This is a process of learning this program. I have made a lot of mistakes on 2021. I would like to delete that year and just start new with 2022. How do I do that? I cannot find video’s on that. I know most people want to keep their numbers from previous years, so this is a bit unusual.

Do you mean you want to start your budget anew for 2022? Or your whole spreadsheet?

If you just want to update your budget to start in the current year, you can type “1/1/2022” over the green “Jan 2021” budget header in the Categories sheet.

Thank you, so easy. I have been all over the internet searching- couldn’t find anything. Unfortunately I just started all over on my 2022 with a new transaction page