Moving transactions between tiller templates

hi -

I went through and categorized 800+ transactions on the Envelope budgeting template but I also want those same transactions to be categorized (Same categories) on the tiller foundation template. can I copy and paste the sheet over (and call it the same thing?) will that break the links?

also, as a wish list, I would like to have the envelope budgeting functionality in the tiller foundation template budget. For example, I want to be able to see my budget and “rollover” any savings I have, but I like everything else about the tiller foundation sheet.


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You might find that the Migration Helper in the Tiller Labs add-on is useful in porting your categorizations from your Envelope budget to your Foundation template, @Girlykicker.

As for envelope functionality in the foundation budget, we will have to think on how to do that properly.

Thanks for sharing.