MS Excel Foundation Template Questions

Hello All!
I have a few questions about the template (Formatting, Alignment, Color) so that I don’t mess things up. I also noticed something about the Tiller Foundation Template for Excel (Dates), and I am wondering if others have too. Main concern is if it will cause trouble later with other community solutions.

So I downloaded a brand New MS Excel Foundation Template and documented the following for myself.





So here are my questions!

OH! Can I do things link this without breaking something?

Blue with White Headers - Tiller Foundation Template
Orange - Community Solution
Purple - Columns I Added to Sheet & My Notes or To Do Tabs

Thank you for you help in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m super impressed by your rigor, @Ramona, and these are great questions.

I’m not sure on the formatting of the Transactions sheet after row 7… Yes, the master table body only contains 5 rows, but when I play around with adding rows, it stays with “*3/14/2011”). The result is driven by some Excel tooling that I don’t fully understand.

But that said, there is no Tiller tooling (that I’m aware of) that is sensitive to formatting changes. All of the Tiller code and template formulas pull raw cell values (either manually entered or generated by in-cell formulas). The formatters essentially just change the way the data is rendered in the client, not the underlying value information.

You may be surprised to hear that dates are essentially just number cells (counting days since 1/1/1900) that have a date formatter applied to them.

There would be no issue replacing the “*3/14/2011” date formatter with a more traditional “m/d/yyyy”. And the inconsistent date headers are just a little bit of inconsistency on our part as the templates evolved. :blush:

I hope this helps.

P.S. I’m doing a little cleanup on the Foundation Template masters this week and your diligence has shown some opportunities for improved consistency in our formatting. Thank you.

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Thank you @randy for the reply / info. I just tried everything i noted above and it doesn’t appear that I have broken anything. Woo Hoo! Sorry I have unintentionally caused you extra work. LOL.