Multiple interest rates / one credit card


Hi all - i’ve really just started using Tiller, and loving it!

However hoping someone has a work around / solution or suggestion for my situation.

I have a credit card account that has multiple interest rates on it.
For example,

  1. one purchase is on 24 months no interest - if I don’t pay that off in the set time period, then the standard interest rate will apply.
  2. another purchase is 48 months interest free
  3. some debt on the standard interest rate

I’d like to track how much of each ‘purchase’ I have paid off and have remaining to go.

Unfortunately the feed doesn’t work for the account.

Any ideas how i’m best to do this?

Thanks Anna

@annaisakiwi :wave:

Sorry for the delayed reply here.

Did you figure out a solution for this?

Here is my idea just in case you didn’t:

If the automated feed isn’t working for the account then you could manually track it using the Manual Accounts feature in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. Since you have separate interest rates for those different purchases you could enter each of those as a separate manual account.

From there you could use the Debt Planner to track the payoff of each purchase with its individual interest rate.