Mystery ghost accounts

There’s an account in my Chase feeds that doesn’t exist in my account. Meanwhile, transactions for this account are showing up in my Transactions, and they are all duplicates of transactions in a different Chase account (which does exist in my account).

I suspect this is due to the card having been cancelled and reissued at some point in the past. If so, why would the old account still be showing up in my Chase feeds?

@Ghopper21 Are you seeing new transactions for the ghost account… or only historic transactions. Have you unlinked the canceled account from your spreadsheet?

@Ghopper21 this is a weird side effect of the “canceled card” case. Either our data provider doesn’t handle it gracefully, or we don’t. Best thing is to make sure it’s not linked to any sheets and even consider removing it from the Account Summary on the Console if it’s bothersome.