Named Range Errors

To all the Excel gurus out there…

I was having some performance issues with my template so I downloaded a fresh foundation template just to clean things up and noticed that in the default template, there are several errors in the named ranges. Question is, would these have performance implications? Can I just delete them?

Thanks for reviewing!

Bob Wegman

Sorry to respond to my own question :frowning:

I decided to download a fresh copy again and only have three named ranges and they are clean. Not sure what happened previously. Again, any insight would be appreciated.

Not sure what happened on your first time around, but I just downloaded the template and I see what you posted in the second post, just three named ranges.

Thanks @jpfieber. Are named ranges a problem with Tiller spreadsheets if I ever develop a solution that I want to share?

I think I ran into issues in the past that caused me to avoid them (can’t remember if that was in Sheets or Excel). There’s always the problem of name collisions, so you’d want to be sure the names are unique for starters. You may want to do some testing to see if they survive being copied to a new file and having the links updated.