Need help, can't autoimport transactions

Help. I was a ynab user, who is attempting the move to tiller. I am currently about 3 days in to my free trial. I can’t get tiller to auto import my transactions, which is part of the reason I want to leave YNAB. It is my understanding that Tiller uses Yodlee to import, which has always worked in the past. Ynab switched to Plaid, and it hasn’t worked right since. I am a scatterbrained train wreck when it comes to budgeting, and need the auto-import. Can anyone give me any insight or other options? Is it something that can be fixed from this end or do I need to contact the bank? What can I ask the bank in order to fix it? I LOVE my bank and don’t want to switch, but they offer no budgeting software of their own, and I really honestly have ZERO interest in doing a bunch of work to input transactions, or entering them buy hand. I did my first spread sheet by hand last night, using the copy/paste instructions in the tutorial, and I have to say that if that’s how I’m going to have to do it, that just isn’t going to work. That took way too much time. I want this to be a simple once a week process, as automated as possible. Am i asking too much of a budgeting program?

See the offer to help message I just sent you. Blake