Need help: Script to Synchronize existing sheet to existing Google calendar

In my Foundation Template I’ve added a ‘Bill Reminders’ sheet that lists bills paid monthly and annually; loosely based on a template that was briefly available a couple years’ ago. Among other columns, the sheet has ‘Bill Name’ and ‘Reminder Date’ columns. I’d like to be able to sync that sheet/info to my ‘Budget’ calendar in Google, creating calendar events.

With no scripting experience, I turned to ‘the Bard’ to generate a script for me; and, after a couple of iterations I think I have a short script that’s close … it finds my data and runs but I get calendar ‘method signature’ errors. I’d really like some help.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll be happy to share the sheet, calendar, and draft script. And if there’s a better/cleaner way of doing it, am all eyes/ears.

Thanks for considering,


Have you looked into having Zapier help with this?

I’m not sure on the scripting side, but there are some cool workflows and their free plan is pretty good.

Thanks for the lead, Heather. Wasn’t familiar with that. And, yes, I was able to link the calendar entries on their free plan (so far).

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