Need help understanding how to use the Savings & Debt template

The Savings Budget is locked into January of 2021, which I don’t have any transactions for. Can’t change to other months. Little red marker in upper right corner of month and year.

So far, I have erased the track column on the Categories sheet, and installed the Savings Budget. Not sure how to install the Savings and Debt sheet. Not sure if the Savings Budget sheet is doing what it is supposed to be doing at this point.

Got the Savings and Debt Sheet installed.

You can see the month and year of the page has a little red marker in the upper right corner. The pull down for each returns an “N/A” when trying to select anything else.

Savings Budget Installed
Saving and Debt Installed
Category column installed.
I plugged in the Savings option in all categories in the Track column on the Categories sheet.

Randy and Heather. I exited out of the program, and then re-launched it, and that seemed to fix the Budget Savings sheet. So everything looks like it is back on line. I’m going to leave the Savings indicator in the Track column for ALL of the categories, since eliminated a few of them is what got me into this mess. Other than that… thanks for the help.

I think I have to go lie down now.

Sorry it was such an ordeal, @mpstaples, but I’m really happy to hear that you resolved the issue.
Have a nice rest and make sure to get yourself back up for the fireworks in a few days.

Never mind. I got it back.


I spoke a little too soon about being up and running. I have lost the line with all the pull down menus – like “Extensions.” That row is missing.

Can you send a screenshot?

Fixed it, Randy. Thanks again.