Need Tiller Consult - will give you 6 months of Tiller free!

I need help customizing my tiller workbook.
It’s doing 90% of what I need it to, but I need an expert to help me fine tune
We’ll do a zoom and look at my transactions
Then talk about how to implement categories and tags

I am willing to pay for your time, in the form of tiller credits or straight venmo
Should be an easy gig and I would really appreciate the guidance


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Hi @scott I sent you a DM with some info :slight_smile:

This is a great idea! I would love the same. I’ve got things pretty well baked but need strategies to help automate things and visualize some specific goals I have.

This was a great idea - thanks for posting

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Hi @heather I’m also interested in doing something similar could we connect too?

Here is a link if anyone is interested in this type of additional cost service from us: Tiller Coaching - Tiller

That will be a good option for lots of folks.