Need to Disable VPN?

Somewhere in this Forum, I think I read that it’s important to disable my VPN connection when updating Tiller.

As of 2022-09-03, is this still a necessity or suggestion?

Thank you.

Saluda, NC

I think that was just a troubleshooting step to be sure the VPN wasn’t restricting access in some way. If your VPN has full internet access and resolves to a US location, I see no reason why you can’t use it. Not sure if Tiller treats non-US connections differently (I doubt it).

I use Tiller in Canada with NordVPN with no problem.

Hi @ScottC - sometimes the VPN can cause issues when trying to access the Tiller Console at - though not in all cases as @jemmoa7 points out.

It can also cause issues with refreshing certain institutions if you’re connected to a VPN at the time you try to refresh.