Need to undue autocat categorization

I ran autocat for the first time to see how it works and created a simple rule. As a result a lot of transactions got incorrectly categorized (meaning they weren’t categorized as I intended). How can I uncategorize these transactions that got incorrecelty categorized by autocat? There are a lot of them, and i suppose I could go through the transactions list and uncategorize the affected transactions manually, but I gotta think there is a better way to uncategorize what autocat did. Thnx for any help!

You could go back to your version history to a point before the autocat.

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Thnx for the reply. Unfortunately doesn’t look like I have any version history…

Was it a brand new sheet?

Hi Rich,

Relatively new sheet. Just created it a few days ago.

If using Google sheets you should still have version history, it should be under file > version history

And once it’s showing, each time has each change logged as well, there will be either an arrow on the right or 3 dots for a menu to be able to see more in depth history