Negative Amounts on Monthly Budget Sheet (Envelope)

I am trying to work out what i have done wrong. I am getting negative amount showing in my Monthly Budget Sheet, and when i try to roll over i get some negative number that i cannot work out its origin.

OK so just writing my question now has made me think i have done something wrong. I entered all my budget amounts into the columns on the Budget History tab… was this wrong? and should i just allocate the amounts on the Monthly Budget tab?


What sheet is this? Never used it.

Seems you went over budget?

Monthly budget amounts are on the categories sheet by month

Its the budget sheet, not the foundations one.

It looks like i am over budget but i still had $1300 to allocate. So in saying that those red amounts represent unspent allocation. As you can see i had allocated $492 and Actually spent $452. So that amount should not be red as it has not been spent actually. So from that when i set it to rollover it rolls over a negative amount which throws everything out. I basically have to zero it all out manually.

Any one have any ideas about this ? As it is quite annoying.

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See here. Another exampled. I have budget allocated regarding my monthly Salary. In available it - and Red. My salary has not gone into my account but it still stays red.

Then if you look at these they are totally fine. Budgeted the same way but have not been paid, well a couple have. But they are not red and not negative. Whats going on? I cannot set up rollover as these negative amounts kill it.

I believe the negative amounts you are seeing are related to the income categories. You have money budgeted but since you haven’t recieved ( or categorized) the paycheck yet, it is showing as a negative amount. It is showing you that you could potentially be spending money with your expense categories that you dont have yet in your bank, thus the negative amount. make sense?

Its just strange. As at the start of the month you set out you budget. I know how much i am going to get paid and allocate accordingly. The budget dash board is still saying i have like $1000 left to allocate. Which is telling me i basically have money left over or will have.

Those categories you see there are expense categories. So i really don’t get what is going on. As some are red and some are not, the ones that aren’t haven’t been spent either, and don’t add up to the same as a paycheck. So i am confused. Why some and not the others, or why any at all?


In the Envelope Budget tool you set budget amounts either in the Budgets History sheet OR the Monthly Budget sheet in the green Adjust cell. Budget amounts should always be absolute values (non-negative) so if you set your budget amounts as -$35 for example, that might be why your available is showing as negative in the screenshot in your first post.

The income available amounts are going to show as negatives until you earn your money.

If the top of your budget dashboard is showing that you have x amount left to allocate it means your expense budget does not equal your income budget - this budget tool expects you to zero sum your budget, meaning you plan to budget/allocate every dollar you plan to earn.

We’re hosting a special webinar this week all about this budget template, that’s a great place to learn more and ask questions live.

Thanks Heather.

I always just put the amount in that i am budgeting for a bill i.e. $200 not -200. But you are saying that it says negative because i have budgeted but have not earned the money for it yet.

There must be something wrong. As you can see below, still red still negative. I have received all of my income for the month and it has been categorised. I still have about $800 unallocated still.

Perfect examples there: Rates Allocated $138, $0 in actual but still -$138, but then i have Fuel: Allocated $200, $249 in actual.

Souldn’t that be a - amount in the Fuel category as i have gone over the budgeted amount? And a + amount in the Rates category as i have not spent that amount. If i was to roll this over it gives some carzy figures.

In regards to my outstanding amount, i find that i like to keep it as a buffer if i need to shuffle money to unexpected things, but allocate it by the end of the month

@SpinFX007, are these categories in the screenshot (Fuel, Phones & Internet, Rates) etc marked as Expense or Income in the Type column on the Categories sheet?

Based on the screenshot and the formulas it looks like these are show up under Income otherwise the formula would be $400 - $325 = $75 and not the other way around.


They are all marked as expenses. This is why i am confused lol.

Below is a pic of my categories. I think i may have to rebuild my budget on a new sheet.

Maybe try restoring the dashboard?

Add-ons menu > Tiller > Envelope Budget > Restore Dashboard

Are the amounts you’re categorizing with those negative amount values in the Transactions sheet? Are you also using those categories for positive amount values at all?

OK Tried restoring and same thing. As you can see below is a picture of the Phones & Internet transaction.

And as you can see above your post my categories sheet. No idea whats going on hey.

Umm I Started a new sheet and not everything is fine, reckon something could have been glitched up?

Maybe delete this thread?

So weird, I really wish we knew what went wrong there. Let’s leave it in case it happens to someone else and then we can pick up the issue and see if we can nail it down. Sorry you had to start over.


All good, its about the 10 time i have started over lol. Am getting more proficient at using Tiller.

I still have a copy of the broken one if you would like?