Net worth as a function of buying power

With inflation on the rise, net worth can skyrocket along with it. Is there any way to track net worth as a function of buying power?

Couldn’t you just put the networth in terms of a consumable item? Networth divided by unit cost of item ( Big Macs, gallons of milk, whatever). This would tell you if you can buy more or less of those items with your current and future networth.

When we build out multi-currency support, I’ll try to remember to add “big mac” as a currency. :joy:


dont forget to add Grande Latte, and Craft IPA


Maybe a net worth calculator that allows you to specify which year you want to use as the basis of of your net worth. For example, your net worth is x dollars in 2010 dollars. Even better would be a graph to show this over time.

With the right reference data hardcoded in, making an alt net-worth template that did that wouldn’t be too tricky.