Net Worth Snapshot can't handle same group in Assets and Liabilities?

I recently discovered the Net Worth Snapshot sheet, and it is an incredibly useful tool to get visibility into my accounts at a specific point-in-time. In general, I’ve found that the sheet appears accurate and gives good data, but I’ve noticed some strange behavior that appears to be related to having liability accounts and asset accounts in the same group. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t appear to cause any issue in other Tiller sheets.

I group my mortgage and home value accounts into a “Real Estate” group (using the Accounts sheet). The Net Worth sheet displays the individual entries correctly (in the correct area, with the correct amount), but it uses all of the constituent account values in both sections’ summary totals, even though it should only aggregate the accounts in the specific section (assets in the Assets section and the liabilities in the Liabilities section.

Here’s the Asset “Real Estate” group:

Here’s the Liability “Real Estate” group:

If you add up all 3 of the “Real Estate” accounts, the sum is shown as the amount for the “Real Estate” group, in both the Assets and the Liabilities sections.

In the short term, I can split my “Real Estate” group into “Real Estate (Asset)” and “Real Estate (Liability)”, but I’d rather have all the accounts in the same group if possible.

Thanks for this useful sheet!

That’s true, I’ve seen this reported before.