Net Worth Tracker Comprehensive Guide

What is the Net Worth Tracker?

The Tiller Labs Net Worth Tracker allows you to visualize your total net worth as well as trends over a customizable time period.

Tillers Money Feeds allow you to automatically import your daily account balances for easy tracking.

How to install the Net Worth Tracker template

You can add the Net Worth Tracker spreadsheet template from Tiller Labs to any Tiller-powered Google Sheet created with our new Money Feeds Google Sheets add-on (haven’t heard about our new Money Feeds add-on? read more here).

Adding the templates is a few quick clicks with the Tiller Labs add-on where you’ll also find other awesome solutions for your financial riddles.

1.Click here to install the Tiller Labs add-on from the Gsuite Marketplace (hint: click the “Install” button in the upper right).
2. Authorize the add-on to run with the gmail account you use for Tiller.
3. Open the Google Sheet where you want to add the Net Worth Tracker.
4. Open the Add-ons menu and choose Tiller Labs > View Solutions
5. Accept the Tiller Labs and Privacy disclaimers to continue.
6. Click the Net Worth option from the list of Solutions.
7. Click Add to Sheet
8. The Net Worth sheet will be added along with any dependencies.

Net Worth Tracker Dependencies & Compatibility


  • Balance History Sheet
  • Accounts sheet v2

Compatibility Notes

The Net Worth Tracker can only be installed via the Tiller Labs add-on in spreadsheets that have the latest version (v2) of the Accounts sheet. All sheets created after August 26, 2019 have v2 by default.

The Tiller Labs team reworked the Accounts sheet as an improvement to templates for the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, and removed the reliance on the Index Number column in the Balance History sheet. Accounts sheet v1 relies on the Index number, but v2 does not. This Net Worth Tracker requires the v2 Accounts sheet.

About the v2 Accounts Sheet

The new Accounts sheet is intended for overriding or customizing accounts only (i.e. correcting the class, asset or liability, and using Groups to organize your accounts). It does not include the ability to manually track balances as did the right side area of the v1 Accounts sheet.

How to get the v2 Accounts sheet

If your spreadsheet is still being fed by the Feedbot (Not sure? Check the permissions for the sheet and see if “” is the owner) you can upgrade your Accounts sheet using the following steps:

  1. Rename the Accounts sheet (right click the tab) IF you have manual accounts on the right hand side (Accounts-Backup) (first, see What about manual balances in Accounts v2?) IF you do not have manual balances on the right side just delete this sheet
  2. Install a solution that requires the Accounts sheet and the new v2 sheet will be installed

Customizing the Net Worth Tracker

You can further customize your Net Worth Tracker by applying groups to your Accounts.

  1. Open the Accounts sheet
  2. Use the dropdown list in Column A to choose an account you’d like to assign to a group.
  3. Enter a Group name in column C for each account you selected.

How to manually track accounts

  1. Open the Balance History sheet (it might be hidden, click the four horizontal lines in the lower left corner of your sheet).

  1. Unhide the Account ID column (if it’s hidden)

  1. Insert a row above row 2
  2. Enter the information for your manual account including a unique Account ID.
    This can be as simple as 1 as long as it’s unique from other entries and you will remember to reuse the same unique ID for this account for each new entry.
  3. Repeat these steps each time you want to add a new balance update for this manual account.

Note: We hope to have a less manual workflow available in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on later in 2019.

Now these manual accounts will be available in the Accounts sheet dropdown list in Column A.

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The groups from Accounts V2 aren’t represented in the new Labs net worth sheet as mentioned in this article. I have also have the new Labs Balances and it is sub totally by the groups but the net worth sheet isn’t. To be sure I have the Account ID populated for every row in Balance History (adopted sheet) as the help article suggested. I also have the new green top bar on both net worth and balances, just to confirm with you I have the correct labs installed. I’m super interested in the net worth being subtotaled by groups and was excited to convert everything to V2. Am I missing something?

PS - love the new net worth that combines it with the trends table!! Nice at a glance.

Do you mean that the Trends table below the chart on the Net Worth sheet (under Net Worth Trends Analysis Green bar) doesn’t give you a breakdown by group, but only shows Asset and Liability and then each account under that?

Hello Heather, The trends table below the Net Worth graph. That is correct, they are only showing Asset and Liability without groups. In the above article " Customizing the Net Worth Tracker" it says you can customize by applying groups. When I change the groups, they aren’t represented in the Net Worth tab. Changes to the Class Override do represent. What does this section mean, maybe I’m not understanding it?

I’d expect the Net Worth Tracker to subtotal the accounts based on group within the Class, similar to how the Balances subtotals.

Note, the sub total groups aren’t represented in the old net worth sheet (graph) or trends sheets (table) either. It’s something I’d love.

You are correct that Groups are not implemented in the Net Worth template at this time. I will update the solution documentation at top.

Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience, @Richard.
Would you be willing to add this as a feature request?



There is now an update to the Net Worth sheet that includes grouping Accounts by Group.

Get it using the Tiller Labs Add-on.

Read more about it here:

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@Richard - Per @jonorlin’s post below, we’ve pushed this update to the Tiller Labs add-on. If you “update” your Net Worth sheet using the Tiller Labs you’ll get the new grouping totals.

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Super thank you heather, I installed the update, absolutely love it.

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