Net Worth Tracker Sheet Revised to Work With Groups

@Blake is right. Best not to hide them.

I’m wondering if those rows are there from a previous result. And just not getting removed by the new formula.

What happens if you try manually removing the words Ungrouped Liability, Amazon… and Mortgage…

Do they automatically reappear or if you remove them, they don’t return?

@Russellreno, if these are duplicated from a previous connection (you removed and re-added accounts at some point on the Console) you will want to remove those entries from the Balance History sheet to get rid of them.

You’ll want to pay close attention to the Account ID (maybe a hidden column in Balance History) and remove the entries that are not associated with the current Balance History entries for those accounts - they’re showing twice here because they have two different Account IDs.

Hello. I am new to Tiller, love it… so far! Are there solutions for creating net worth across multiple sheets, a way to roll-up multiple sheets into a consolidated view?

Hi @coltexman ,
It sounds like you want to take multiple Tiller spreadsheets (perhaps each looks at a different set of accounts) and combine them into a new spreadsheet that sums them all and generates a Net Worth?

(We generally use the term “Sheets” to refer to the individual sheets or tabs within a single spreadsheet, which is made up of multiple sheets.)

You could create a main spreadsheet and use IMPORTRANGE() functions to import the transactions and balance history sheets into the new sheet from multiple sources.

This link might help:

Then you would need to create a combined Transactions and Balance History sheet in the new Spreadsheet using some array functions to merge the imported individual sheets into one sheet.

Another simpler option might be to create a new Tiller Spreadsheet that pulls in all the accounts that you want in the rollup view.


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Thanks Jon, I’ll work with this and see what I can come up with. Also, thanks for the terminology update. :grinning:

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As @jono notes, @coltexman, some users have a spreadsheet for home finance with checking & daily transactions that is focused on daily/weekly budgeting workflows but does not include long-term savings accounts. Then they create a second sheet with all of their long-term accounts for a comprehensive net worth roll up.

You can absolutely have one sheet do both with Tiller Money Feeds but sometimes there are reasons— performance, privacy, overwhelming volumes of data— for splitting the data set functionally.