New Foundation template - some tabs dont seem to work

Just set up my spreadsheet and I’m liking this so far, BUT Transactions tab seems fine, but spending trends has |NAME?| appearing in numerous fields, same issue with Balances tab. Also, I manually added a savings account in the side bar, it seemed to work, but doesn’t show up in Accounts tab.

On a happy note, auto cat working well and I started adding few categories successfully


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I am having this issue as well. I thought I had corrupted my worksheet, because suddenly these sheets don’t work.

So I decided I had to start over with a new one, and the brand new sheet is doing the same thing.

It seems it isn’t me. Very frustrated!

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I THINK this has to do with the version of Excel you are running, @smguaiumi and @claratells… similar to this issue. I’m looping in @morgan as she is better able to support this.

Sorry I never came back to this. Because…it seemed to be a glitch that lasted a couple of days and then disappeared on its own.

Don’t think it was my excel version, which is an online MS subscription and therefore always up to date.

And glad that I didn’t scrap my template, as it was just fine.

I upgraded my excel version by purchasing a standalone of Office 2019, but then discovered it can’t access Microsoft 365 store- so no Tiller add in!. I couldn’t figure out a simple way to undo the upgrade without creating a lot of complications.

Since I had only just started, I deleted the spreadsheet and started over in Google sheets, which worked fine from the start. I don’t love Sheets, but I guess that’s what I’m stuck with.

@claratells, I’m glad to hear your issue resolved. (That is a strange outage. :thinking:)

@smguaiumi, personally, I prefer Sheets to Excel— after starting as an Excel diehard. If you’re hoping to get Excel to work, it might be worth another look at this help article. Finally, keep in mind that the Tiller Money Feeds add-in can be used with Excel Online which is free.

I am having the same issue (new user) I am working with Office 2016 Professional. I am able to add the Ad-ins and download transactions but |NAME?| shows up in most of my cells and the accounts page is blank.

At this time we can only support Microsoft login for signing in to Tiller if it’s a personal/family account and not a work/school account. You can create a free Microsoft account at This account for signing in to Tiller does not need a Microsoft 365 subscription if you are already paying for a subscription for your work/business account.

The Foundation Template requires that you use a Microsoft 365 version of Excel. If you do have a version installed via a M365 account please make sure that you have installed all available updates for Windows and Office. If you don’t have an M365 subscription and prefer not to get one you can use Tiller with Excel Online and the Foundation Template will work in the browser based Excel Online version.

Hi- I have a personal Microsoft 365 account and office with it. However, the subscription isn’t current, so I couldn’t get office 2019, which was needed as Excel 2016 isn’t supported. But- didn’t know that standalone Office wouldn’t allow me to add the Tiller add in- yikes! I gave up and deleted my file and am using Google sheets.

Thanks for the tip about Excel online. Maybe I’ll switch back, maybe not. At least now I understand the somewhat convoluted problem.


OK, I now have 365 non-corporate installed. I tried to download a new Foundation Sheet and it STILL does not download my accounts to the accounts tab causing #NAME? problems in all my tabs.
Please help. I refuse to use GOOGLE SHEETS. Thank you

I closed out and went back in… it worked! I have been using it for about 5 hours flawlessly. Downloaded 10 accounts and imported just fine. Thank you

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Awesome, glad you were able to get it working.