New Foundation template - some tabs dont seem to work

Just set up my spreadsheet and I’m liking this so far, BUT Transactions tab seems fine, but spending trends has |NAME?| appearing in numerous fields, same issue with Balances tab. Also, I manually added a savings account in the side bar, it seemed to work, but doesn’t show up in Accounts tab.

On a happy note, auto cat working well and I started adding few categories successfully


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I am having this issue as well. I thought I had corrupted my worksheet, because suddenly these sheets don’t work.

So I decided I had to start over with a new one, and the brand new sheet is doing the same thing.

It seems it isn’t me. Very frustrated!

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I THINK this has to do with the version of Excel you are running, @smguaiumi and @claratells… similar to this issue. I’m looping in @morgan as she is better able to support this.