New Spending Trends Dashboard for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

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“Where did my money go?”

Like most people, you may sometimes feel a nagging lack of clarity about your spending. 

You may even occasionally feel surprised by a bank balance that’s lower than expected. 

That’s because with multiple banks and credit cards, it’s easy to spend, but hard to track where your money went from each account.

Plus, most people underestimate what they really spend each day. Fees, subscriptions, unexpected bills, and the ever-increasing cost of living all add up, creating a drag on your personal finances.

Introducing a simple, fast, new way to see all your spending at a glance

Thousands of people already use Tiller to track their finances in one place. But because spending is the foundation of healthy finances, we wanted to make it even easier for you to see where your money is going each day, month, and year.

We’re now including a new Spending Trends dashboard with the Tiller Foundation Template.

It’s the fastest, simplest way to see all your spending in one place.

The sheet includes three helpful sections: 

  • A snapshot of your recent spending totals
  • A large chart of all your expenses grouped into categories
  • A small chart visualizing expenses over 30 days

The quick static snapshot shows what you spent:

  • Past 30 days
  • Yesterday
  • Past 7 days

It also shows your:

  • Current assets
  • Current liabilities
  • Total net worth

Meanwhile, the Insights panel shows your income and expenses neatly grouped into your custom categories. You can select the time period for this view:

The sheet was designed to require very little customization. It’s fast, simple, and easy to use. 

How to get the new Spending Trends dashboard

The new Spending Trends dashboard is included with every new installation of the Tiller Foundation Template for Google Sheets and Excel

You can try the Foundation Template with the Spending Trends sheet by starting a FREE 30-day trial

Your card isn’t charged until the end of your trial, and you can easily cancel anytime. 

If you’re already using the Foundation Template, it’s easy to install the Spending Trends sheet. You don’t need to start over with a new spreadsheet. Simply follow the instructions in this Help Doc.

Share your feedback

We’d love to hear what you think  of the new Spending Trends dashboard. Share your thoughts, questions, and feedback here in the Tiller Community. And here’s to the peace of mind of finally knowing exactly where your money is going each day!

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I had to choose “create new template” in order to get the new version. Is there an easier way than to start a whole new file?

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Hello @lorrainedamico! Follow the steps in this help doc to install the new Spending Trends sheet in your existing Google or Microsoft spreadsheet. You don’t need to start over with a new Foundation Template: Using the Spending Trends Sheet | Tiller Help Center

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For those of us who already have tiller how do we access this new template? I jumped on my tiller and I do not see it as an option in a tab or when I search for it.


Hi! Long time Tiller user since 2018! I can’t see myself where I’d be without! I am a person that has deviated from the templates entirely and made it my own, however, I have most recently been curious about your new templates and use them. The issue I have is I have a custom Amount field called “Amount Split” field. This field looks at the real Amount field and based on the Account used it will apply a fraction to trim the total down. The real world use case for this is because in my family we have a shared CC, like most do already, however I am only responsible for a fraction of the amount. This is the reason why I created this separate Amount field that I actually use.

A few questions

  1. I am curious if there a way to override the Amount field being used by this template?
  2. My accounts sections in the Spending Trends sheet are not being pulled correctly I have #N/A in Current Assets, Current Liabilities, and Net Worth. How do I fix this? I already tried the Tillerhq repair template. In full disclosure I did not have the Accounts Sheet or the Balances Sheet in my Gsheet, I had to readd those and repair them.
  3. In my accounts sheet and Balance sheet I see old accounts from when you all switched connectors and imported my bank accounts.

We’re hoping to make this easier, but for now please follow these steps to get this sheet: Using the Spending Trends Sheet | Tiller Help Center

Loving this new dashboard! Can you help me fix an error I’m getting? I followed the instructions to copy the template to my existing Tiller Google Sheet, and now I’m getting this error in the three fields in row 11 that says:

Function ABS parameter 1 expects number values. But ‘-59,28’ is a text and cannot be coerced to a number.

I took a look at the formulas but I couldn’t find anything to point me to a quick fix.

Hi @abby I think you may just need to re-format your Amount column in the Transactions sheet back to currency. It thinks the -59,28 is text rather than a number. If that doesn’t work it’s because there is a comma instead of a period so just make that change to the -59.28 in the Transactions sheet. We’ll push a fix for this soon.

Can you share what you mean by this :point_up: @mar5 ?

If you re-added the Accounts and Balances after installing Spending Trends, just re-install it now and that shoudl work.

I’d recommend writing in support about this one as it sounds like the migration didn’t get run fully in your sheet.

The comma was the problem! I feel a little silly I didn’t think of that. Thank you!

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Thanks for the update! Glad it was an easy fix.

I like the template. Why are the expense bars a drab gray? Shouldn’t they be red? Is there a way to change the color?

Hi @heather, so what I meant by

override the Amount field being used by this template

Was that I have a different column called “Amount Split” that I use instead of the default one, so I wanted to use.

I actually figured out how to change this in the Spending Trends template. In the template I can see the hidden columns and changed under the table of “Transactions” where it says “Amount” I changed that to say “Amount Split” (the name of the column I use), and this propagated the changes throughout the template. :slight_smile:

If you re-added the Accounts and Balances after installing Spending Trends, just re-install it now and that shoudl work.

Thanks! Yes I actually did this later after posting this and it worked!

I’d recommend writing in support about this one as it sounds like the migration didn’t get run fully in your sheet.

OK I will! Thank you @heather !

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Welcome @larryc531 :wave:

The expense bars are gray simply to be “neutral” - we felt red was a bit too “alarming” - expenses are normal, and shouldn’t cause alarm.

You can change the color of the spark lines, but you’d have to do it in the formula and I’m not 100% sure what the steps are to do that.

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Not a big deal. It just seemed a little odd.



I’ve followed the instructions multiple times to move the worksheet to my existing file, but every time I’m getting an error when I change the source:

I’m following the instructions as written and have not modified the worksheet or field names in my file. Can anyone help?

Hello there. Does this mean the new spending worksheet will cost me money to add onto my existing basic Tiller worksheet? Do I need to start over with a new foundation workbook that includes this spending worksheet? Thanks very much, Linda.

No it’s not going to cost you any additional money. You just add it to your existing foundation template. Follow the instructions to add it.


I followed the instructions and I could not get the worksheet to work. Is there someone I could talk to?

Thank you

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at