New Spending Trends Dashboard for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

I am using the Savings Budget and associated Savings & Debt to track my budget.

One of the recommendations (“Debts and Loan Tracking”) is to name both the Debt inflow and outflow using the same category, to ensure that it is appropriately tracked in both the sheets. In my case it means that my mortgage inflow (i.e. into my Mortgage account) and my mortgage outflow (i.e. from my Checking out) have the exact same category. This is how the Savings Budget is intended to work.

However, this introduces a problem in the “Spending Trends” sheet. This sheet lists all the outflows for each category. Because my mortgage inflow and outflow cancel out, my mortgage “spend” for the year is $0. This impacts the overall cash flow accounting for this sheet.

Is there any solution to this?