New to Spa Industry and Tiller Money

Hello all,

I am so new to this and don’t know where to start. I would like to find a budget and tracking sheet for manual or automatic tracking. Due to the the fluctuation in my single income I want the best way to track and break down how to increase sales of retail and services in different ways; per day, per client, etc.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @katiepureesthetics. Welcome to the community !

It can be really intimidating to just begin with the organization of your financial life, but congratulations to you for taking the first steps. You’re on your way!

Tiller’s tools are a great place to gather your financial activity into one area. But, while your business’s needs may exceed the tool’s initial capacities, it will provide the basis upon which your analysis can be made.

My recommendations would be to begin using the Foundation Template to create some categories that make sense to you, create a budget and begin tracking any activity that you have. Money in. Money out. You can change things over time as you become more familiar with the process. (None of us gets this exactly right the first time. Lots of iterations and practice bring things into finer focus over time.)

Then, with some activity recorded, you can begin to summarize the metrics you wish to focus on with a few manual calculations. I am not sure about the details of your business, but am confident that with Tiller, you can use the trends you are recording as a basis of your inquiries.

Feel free to come back to the community when you’re ready to begin analyzing your trends. There are a lot of really smart people who would be willing to help where they can.

They have helped me so much along the way.

Does that help?

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Yes! Thank you! I just need to start! I didn’t know if there was a specific sheet for the industry to start but this is all coming together. Just start and go from there! Thank you for your encouragement!

@katiepureesthetics After you get your Foundation Template all setup and you have transaction activity categorized, it may be worth checking out the Simple Business Dashboard. Here some information on it. Understanding the Simple Business Dashboard

Welcome to the Community!!!

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@warren that’s awesome. I didn’t even know that tool existed. That’s powerful.