Newbie, Need to Start Over

I just started with Tiller Money. Need to download data from YNAB, but can’t get download to look like foundation template. I Th either need some help or at least learn how to eliminate all sheets and start over. With starting over, I can’t get the existing download sheet or the existing foundation template sheet out of my console. I trashed them but they still pop up and ask to be removed from trash. HELP! And thanks!

:wave:, @ajfraties!

Did you see this guide?

I’d recommend unlinking the sheets you trashed from the Console.

Let me know if this doesn’t help.


Yes. I read that article several times and even printed it b4 I started on this effort. The data comes in as a .csv file and imports easily but it comes in with a much different looK naturally. It came in with a YNAB-specific look and feel. I spent lots of time trying to reformat that worksheet so that I could reuse it w/in the Foundation worksheet. Eventually I gave up. Note: admittedly I used to be better w EXCEL than I am now. But at my age I don’t want to spend time trying to regain those skills. I simply want a tool that provides pretty easy utilization without much customization. Mint does a very good job at this. I already have a good looking first budget working w/in Mint. Except for the ads I like the tool a lot. And at “free” it is an attractive price, LOL!


It sounds like you are an Excel user, but consider giving Google Sheets a try, @ajfraties. We’ve got some great tools in Google Sheets for migrating your YNAB data like the Import CSV Line Items tool in Tiller Money Labs. You can start a new Tiller Foundation spreadsheet, fill the data using Tiller Money Feeds and then load in your historic data using Tiller Money Labs.

Too late now, I cancelled and went to Mint. However, I believe I really would have had no way of knowing that tool was there. It would have been wonderful if that otherwise complete article on migrating from YNAB to Tiller had had a mention of that. And I may have missed it, but I certainly don’t remember seeing it.

Thanks for your follow-up, Randy. .

I appreciate your feedback, @ajfraties, and will pass it along to the rest of our team.
Sorry to lose you.