Newbie Question - How do I customize the sort order on the Monthly Budget worksheet?

New Tiller user - coming from a custom Excel Sheet.

I am beginning fresh with the Tiller base spreadsheet and utilizing the Budget Plan community add-in.

I am wondering if I can adjust the order in which Budget Groups are displayed in the Monthly Budgeting template?

The simplest way of achievinh this would be to prepend your group name with numbers for example i want my living expenses to be first so my group is “01 Living” and then so that i can leave room for adjustment and future possible groups my next group is “05 Discretionary” so on and so forth for whatever may fit your needs

As far as adjusting the formulas I’m not sure that i would go that route, but it is very much possible.

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I’ve been using the Savings budget for some time now and would like to change the order in which categories appear in column B on the Savings Budget sheet, rather than alphabetical. When I tried to change Groceries to “01 Groceries” it didn’t carry over all past transactions into this. What’s the simplest way to solve for this?

For already categorized transactions you’ll need to update the entry on each one in your transactions sheet

This can be accomplished with just a couple pretty simple steps

Filter your transactions to only show category grocery (data, then filters) then change the top entry to the new category and drag the change down to all categories in that filtered view.


Ok, so I followed your steps but now it’s showing different numbers on my savings budget. I had groceries at $0 rolled over from July into August, but now it’s showing a negative $500 (rounded) rolling from July to August. Any ideas why it might be doing this?
@heather any thoughts on this?

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Did any of these suggestions help? If so, please mark one as the solution.

I believe your savings budget is ran by your Budget Journal sheet. This sheet may be hidden by default, I can’t remember. Try opening that and renaming all instances of Groceries there as well?