Newbie - What is the limit on the transactions sheet

New here so I do not have 18 months … or 10 years of data which is why I am asking the question.
Is there a limit on the transactions in the transaction sheet and/or does tiller start deleting old trans… If deleting does occur at what trigger - date, number of trans, date per account, … ?

The transactions sheet is cumulative so you’ll just continue to accumulate data.


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no deleting, just your sheet will start to bog down.

What @blake means is that with a large data set and many tabs (dashboards, etc) performing calculations against Transactions and Balance History there are known performance issues with Google Sheets slowing down. This is a systemic Google Sheets issue, not so much a Tiller Money issue. We build our templates and solutions to be as performant as possible, and follow all known best practices, but there is a limit to what Google can handle when you start piling on the tabs coupled with a large Balance History and Transactions sheet. So if you find you’re adding new solutions via Tiller Money Labs and decide you don’t really need them, we recommend deleting those tabs to save processing power.

More details here

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