No longer turning new entries green

For the last few days, when Tiller imports new transactions, they are not filled green (as I’m accustomed to). Anyone have any insight into what might be causing this?

I’m guessing the range for the conditional formatting got screwed up. Click in one of the cells lower in the sheet that was working previously, go to the Format menu to Conditional Formatting. It should show all the formatting rules, look for one with the color green. Check the rules ‘Apply to Range’ to see if it includes the cells that aren’t working now. I’d guess it’s starting in a lower row than the new transactions are in. Probably adjust it to A2 or B2.

Hmmm. I don’t know that I have any that still have the conditional formatting set. What should the conditional formatting rules be? Typically, when they come in, they are green, and as I manually validate/review them, I clear the color. That hasn’t given me trouble in the past, and has been a good way to quickly see the new stuff that got imported.

Hmm, indeed. By default, my transactions came in without any color coding. A month or two ago, somebody posted a conditional formatting trick to get them to come in with a color (and to put the number of uncategorized transactions in A1). My transactions now come in with a color chosen by me. Odd that things seem to have gone in the other direction for you.

Interesting. I’ll see if I can find that thread. Otherwise, I can probably just do something like set a rule that says if the category field is empty, color green – or something to that effect.

I think if you select every cell in the sheet and then go to Conditional Formatting the rule should show up in the list of rules, assuming it still exists (perhaps it somehow got removed/deleted?). That behavior, changing new transactions to green, is not stock, it’s something that would have been added by you at some point.

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Here’s the thread with that formatting trick I mentioned above.