Non US banks feeds

Has Yodlee completely cut off the non US bank connection feeds. Since Dec 2022, i have been connecting to around 7 Indian Bank accounts. Since 2 days none of the connections is working. All the connections are showing as Technical error immediately after pressing refresh in the console. Also edit credentials showing the same error. Surprisingly even add accounts are not showing any banks which are outside US/CA.
Question to Tiller team - Is this a temporary thing or is it permanent?

Hi @prasadlalit thanks for letting us know. We did upgrade our account connection tooling and this disabled support for non-US and non-Canadian banks. We’re working with our data provider to re-enable those connections.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks @heather . I was worried that its permanent

@prasadlalit - can you please give it a try today? We’ve re-enabled other countries and hopefully it will be working for you again.