Not All Formulas Being Applied to New Rows in Debt Progress Sheet

I am trying to add additional rows to the Debt Progress sheet, but it is not applying all formulas when I use quick-fill. I right clicked on the last row with data in it, and selected Insert 1 Below. Since I needed to apply the same formulas as the existing rows, I went to the last row with entries, and clicked on the quick-fill square in the bottom right corner, and then dragged it down to the new row. It did apply the formula for columns F, G, H, and I, but it did not work for columns J, K, and L. Any suggestions? Am I not doing it correctly? Thanks

Hi @khryc,

I think it’s because some of the formulas at the top of the sheet aren’t including rows after row 31 and I didn’t have that included in my steps. Thanks for catching this.

All the formulas on row 7 should be updated to expand the range from row 8 and on. You can correct this for example by changing the last letter from specifying a row number to just being the letter. E.g. D8:D instead of D8:D29.

The trickiest one is the one in cell J8 and it should look like this: =TILLER_DEBTSNOWBALL($B$8:$G,$D$4,U1,false)

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Heather,

Unfortunately, that made it worse, and now nothing is displaying.

Here is what I currently have:

Remaining Interest, Column J, Row 7: =SUM(J8:J)
Estimated Payoff, Column K, Row 7: =if(MAX(K8:K)=0,today(),MAX(K8:K))
Monthly Payment, Column L, Row 7: =sum(L8:L)

Remaining Interest, Column J, Row 8: =TILLER_DEBTSNOWBALL($B$8:$G,$D$4,U1,false)
Estimated Payoff, Column K, Row 8: blank
Monthly Payment, Column L, Row 8: blank

I also adjusted Row 7, columns D, F, G, and I to sum all entries, including those past row 31.

What am I doing wrong?



I would recommend restoring the Debt Progress sheet using the Tiller Labs add-on under Managed Solutions (archive existing) and then add new rows and then copy/paste over the entries from the archive.