Not clear where to go for this... Monthly Budget Calendar Help

The Monthly Budget Calendar chokes on 2024 and I can’t figure out how to edit/fix.

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So I are here :slight_smile: What’s the best way to get 2024?

Right click on the dropdown cell and add a 2024 to the selection criteria.
If you want, you can also add a column to the far right of the sheet and in that column put in the unique years and then just reference that in the dropdown. But if it’s only a once a year thing, you can just keep adding years to the dropdown.

Thank you, but even your kind explain goes over my head. I see no option in a right click to add /change criteria. I have tired to write in (edit via drop down) 2024 and I get an error.

I tried to reference from a far right cell and I get the same error.

I can’t figure out where J1 is getting the data from or I’d try altering that.

The error is:

There was a problem

The data you entered in cell J1 violates the data validation rules set on this cell. Please enter one of the following values: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020.

Right click and select “drop down” then add a choice for 2024.

Well, when you say it that way!! Thank you thank you thank you.

2024 in operation now.



I’m trying to figure out where the total in Monthly Budget Calendar comes from?

Hi @jesse.miller82 it depends on which “Actuals filter” you have your template set to at the top. Here’s what each one means:

  • “All Withdrawals” will total each day’s negative transactions. You will not need to categorize any data to use this template immediately, but transactions like transfers may make your daily totals inaccurate.
  • “Withdrawals :no_entry_sign:Transfers” will total each day’s negative transactions but will ignore any transactions categorized as a Transfer category type . If you haven’t categorized many transactions, but want to exclude a few transactions, just categorize those and let the rollup do its magic.
  • “Categorized Expenses” totals only transactions categorized to an expense category while ignoring income, transfers, and uncategorized transactions (including positive refunds categorized in expense categories).
  • “Categorized Group Expenses” allows you to select an expense-category group and will total transactions categorized to that group (including positive refunds categorized in expense categories).

Thanks Morgan!

So the total number that items are deducted from comes from the “Spending Budget” on the “Monthly Budget” tab?

Is that correct?

Which setting do you have selected under “Actuals filter”? That will determine what the data set is.

Most templates are reading from your budget amounts set in the Categories sheet and the actual amounts from categorized data in the Transactions sheet.