Not clear where to go for this... Monthly Budget Calendar Help

The Monthly Budget Calendar chokes on 2024 and I can’t figure out how to edit/fix.

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So I are here :slight_smile: What’s the best way to get 2024?

Right click on the dropdown cell and add a 2024 to the selection criteria.
If you want, you can also add a column to the far right of the sheet and in that column put in the unique years and then just reference that in the dropdown. But if it’s only a once a year thing, you can just keep adding years to the dropdown.

Thank you, but even your kind explain goes over my head. I see no option in a right click to add /change criteria. I have tired to write in (edit via drop down) 2024 and I get an error.

I tried to reference from a far right cell and I get the same error.

I can’t figure out where J1 is getting the data from or I’d try altering that.

The error is:

There was a problem

The data you entered in cell J1 violates the data validation rules set on this cell. Please enter one of the following values: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020.

Right click and select “drop down” then add a choice for 2024.

Well, when you say it that way!! Thank you thank you thank you.

2024 in operation now.


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