Not displaying null value, or zero value catagories

I was looking at the savings budget template and it doesn’t show categories that doesn’t have a budget. Is it possible to also have the monthly/yearly budget not show categories that have zero spend/budget?

Hi @ctlee,

If you don’t want to see categories on the Monthly or Yearly Budget sheet you can use the “Hide from reports” option on the Categories sheet to hide them from those dashboard (and most other dashboards) but there isn’t a way to show/hide them automatically based on whether they have a budget amount assigned.

Thanks, But then I think that also removes the transactions as well right? Main thing is I don’t want the balance to show up twice, but all the transactions are unique. For my experience this is with chase business cards with employees.

Hi @ctlee, it does not remove the transactions from the Transactions sheet no, it just makes it so the Categories marked as hide aren’t visible on the dashboards.

Thanks for the clarification!